Friday, February 22, 2008

The Battle Begins

So I work in Times Square NYC, yet I rarely do anything cool or different. Everyone that lives in NYC hates Times Square so they are never up for exploring or doing anything fun.

So today I heard a coworker exclaim that she was bored (a few meetings got cancelled, so she had nothing to do for a few hours). I took the opportunity to suggest we go do something different and go to the Toys 'R Us in Times Square. It's got a big ferris wheel inside, a ton of lego's, etc. She agreed after some coaxing and we walked a few blocks in the slush (snowed earlier) to Toys R Us.

There we found the Lego section an proceeded to go a bit wild. I bought 3 small Castle sets, and she bought a large Batman complex. Throughout the day we built our Lego armies for battle at a later date. Here are the pictures from the Castle set, I will post her's when she's done (she had significantly more pieces).

A skeleton scout discovers a human encampment.

The scout retrieves his captain and the humans call for reinforcements.

The Humans bring in the heavy artillery and wait
for the skeletons to make their move.