Monday, March 13, 2006

Mustn't write blogs at midnight...

because they end up looking and sounding like the post below. Even though it's a thought I often have, I wasn't very eloquent in describing my frustration.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Why do you believe in ...

or any of the other hundreds of faiths that exist in the world?

Why is it necessary to believe in a higher power? Why is it necessary to believe you have a special relationship with your deity? Why do you think your deity is always on your side? Why would you think your deity would pick a side? Why do you need an external source of punishment to deter you from acting in ways that would hurt yourself or others? Why can't it be enough to try to make yourself and those around you happy? Why must you follow rules that go against your every natural impulse? Why must you defend your deity and your faith to others? Why can't it be enough that you believe? Why would you give your life, or take the life of another, over words written by down by men whose sole purpose for writing those words was to gain more power? Why would you claim to know what your deity would want you to do, or believe someone else that tells you that? Why did you even read this far?