Thursday, April 06, 2006

Evolution:Biology :: Atomic Theory:Physics

I read this post on Slashdot today and I thought I'd write it down because I feel it is highly insightful.

"Evolutionary theory is to biology as atomic theory is to physics. Both have been exhaustively proven by legitimate scientists, and both offer crucial insights that underlie their overarching fields. Unfortunately, one of the two theories runs counter to the teachings of a narrow strata of religious zealots, and so suffers from the hands of a particularly aggressive strain of ignorance. But there are crackpots in both fields. Antievolutionists are pretty much the biology version of the Timecube guy."

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Edit: I hate to continue posting stuff I've read on Slashdot, but again, it's a very interesting discussion.

Is response to a person asking some tough questions such as "What caused the big bang? or What external force was there that caused the big bang?"

This response was given
"To paraphrase Stephen Hawkings "that's like asking what's north of the north pole". It's also like asking "who created god?"."

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