Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Boy Scouts of America

After watching a Penn & Teller BS show on the BSA recently, I got to thinking about the effect the Boy Scout policies are having on the good Ol' USA and American culture. Apparently, the BSA was taken over by the Mormon church in the early 1980's and several exclusionary policies were put in place. Policies that include the exclusion of homosexuals and atheists.

So I knew about the whole homosexual thing, and I knew about the court case that the BSA won which stated that since they were a private organization they could do whatever they wanted. However, since they are in part publicly funded, it's always irked me that they are able to get away with what they do. I didn't know however about the atheist thing, but I guess that makes sense. If you don't believe in God, you don't believe that there is a higher moral ground, and therefore wouldn't think homosexuality was bad either. Ofcourse by that line of reasoning all atheists would be more than willing to rape, maim, and kill whomever they wanted with no moral recourse. If only things were so simple eh? Too bad almost all of the most horrible deeds in this world have been caused by so called "God fearing men". Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindu's, Egyptians, Myans, etc all committed unspeakable acts in the name of their faith. They have persecuted women, the disabled, the lower class, scientists, people of other faiths, and war enemies. The Atheists that do commit crimes however, commit crimes because they are bad people, and they don't hide behind their faith.

Okay, so back to the Boy Scouts. So, recently I've been wondering about the rise in Christian Fundamentalism in the past 10 years in the USA. Today, I think I'm a little closer to the answer I was looking for. So my hypothesis is this: The Mormon church took over the BSA in order to influence the future morality of the country. AND IT WORKED. If they started influencing the BSA in the early 1980's, the children under their influence would've been grown in about 10-15 years, and be full adults with jobs, money, and power in 20-25 years. 1980 + 20 = 2000, the year the Christian Fundamentalists took over the government.

The Boy Scouts currently influence 3,145,331 children and 1,173,064 adults. As you can see, as soon as the youths become adults, and vote, they will vote like they are taught to vote. They will vote blindly for whomever the "Christian Fundamentalist" party is (I personally expect some Democrats and a large majority of the Republicans to form a new party in the near future that espouses the "Christian Right") in order to keep the status-quo of how they were raised. These people will not only influence politics but their children and their peers, thus spreading hate and bigotry like wildfire.

I guess that last paragraph is a little bit inflammatory, but think of how things were 15-20 years ago, and the odds that we would have a government that was run and supported by a group of people that believe that they have an individual relationship with God and that God talks to them and runs their life. Can you see how crazy these individuals are? The real problem is that they aren't just crazy, they are often well learned, have good jobs, and are highly involved in their community. So now we have Crazy People with Jobs and Power to spread more Crazy.

Touche Mormon church. Well played. Too bad I can't be mean to your followers, they are too goddamn nice. I haven't met a Mormon I haven't liked personally. Sadly their minds are plagued by illogical arguments they are taught to regurgitate in response to any tough or introspective questions about their faith.


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